Why should kids exercise?

Just move and move at an early age. That is the summary of a study presented in 2012, concluding that lasting health habits are solidified during childhood.

Obesity is a real concern for children. The risk of secondary health disorders like diabetes, heart problems, cognitive issues, behavioural concerns and social problems can be linked to limited activity. Increasing a young child’s activity can assist to combat such potentially troubling problems. What can you do to help encourage and lead your child toward a healthy, active life?

Practical tips and rules

  • Practice what you preach! Engage in family activities with your child/children. 
  • Lead by example- get moving yourself. 
  • Reduce screen time. 
  • Move more. Children need at least 60 minutes of exercise every day. 
  • Get involved and be social - a charity, sporting or community social groups. 
  • Make it fun. 
  • Give your child options and varieties. Multisports develop a well-rounded, physically strong athlete.
If you need help starting your child on the right path of a healthy, active life, PLEASE feel free to contact us and we will guide you and support you in any way possible.

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Why should kids exercise?