Why does my head keep spinning?

Many people who suffer from dizziness, imbalance, or vertigo have trouble finding out why. Dizziness and vertigo are not actually “diagnoses,” they are symptoms of a diagnosis. However, many physicians will use these terms as if they were a diagnosis. Vertigo is the most specific symptom and has a specific definition. Vertigo is an illusion (feeling) of movement. That movement may be felt inside of the person or that person may have the perception of movement of the environment around them. The movement may be perceived as spinning, up and down, or side to side dizziness, giddiness, floating, light-headedness, or a less easily defined feeling. 

If you suffer from these problems, you may contact Brainstorm and undergo a specific balance and functional clinical neurological examination. This may include:

  1. Visual scan acuity tests. 
  2. Hearing scan tests. 
  3. Sensory- tactile, proprioception and vibrational tests. 
  4. Muscle power and timing test. 
  5. Regulation of autonomic nervous system - like sit to stand tests. 
  6. Vestibular control tests. 
  7. Computerised dynamic posturography.

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Why does my head keep spinning?