Therapy for Brain Injury

Neurological rehabilitation is a form of therapy for brain injury. Brain injury or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a frightfully common disorder that will effect you some way or another. 

Many problems can occur after brain injury most of which are amenable to intervention and therapy. Some problems following brain injury may include:

  • impaired arousal and attention 
  • impaired cognition 
  • impaired learning and memory
  • impaired motor function including face and eye
  • impaired balance and gait 
  • impaired sensory integrity and perception

Forms of intervention and therapy for brain injury 

Although many interventions have a strong theoretical basis, unfortunately, few have strong evidence-based  support. The following is a brief review of some current approaches that demonstrate clinical support: 

  • strength conditioning 
  • flexibility training 
  • endurance training 
  • vestibular rehabilitation-balance control 
  • visual-motor training 
  • somatosensory feedback 

At brainstorm, our therapists can provide a detailed assessment and review following a brain injury.

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Therapy for Brain Injury