The Balancing Brain

The body maintains balance by using sensory information from three systems. In other words, the brain “sees” the world through sensory input. This information may include: 

  1. proprioception (relay information from feet, trunk and spine) 
  2. vestibular system 
  3. vision 
  4. hearing 
  5. touch

A healthy balance system, would process and account all input information. It is understood that the vestibular system is generally considered “the go to” reference input. However the human brain has a deeper reliance upon visual input. Have you noticed the difference with walking with eyes closed compared to eyes open? Most people would find a greater disequilibrium whilst walking vision impaired. Another trick may occur when observing a child playground swing, it may cause you sensation or drifting or moving. This effect is because the visual system is dominating your vestibular system input.

 A conflict with the sensory input can result with poor balance. Moreover when the “go to”, vestibular system is weak, the normal reference for balance control is damaged. Therefore, resolution of balance problems requires and deep understanding of brain health. For more information contact Brainstorm.

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The Balancing Brain