Testing for Dizziness

The Dizziness Handicap Inventory (DHI) is a measure of self-perceived disability attributed to balance disorders. The standard form of questionnaire contains twenty five questions categorised as physical, emotional or functional qualities that influence dizziness.

Why use a Dizziness Handicap Inventory? 

Numerous studies have identified that this assessment scale is an effective instrument to measure the effects of dizziness. Moreover the Dizziness Handicap Inventory can be used to identify qualities of the balance disorder. The response to the twenty five questions are weighted depending on the impact dizziness has on that statement. For example, question seven “Because of your problem do you have difficulty reading? ”. Each question is scored with a response “Yes”, with 4 points, “sometimes”, with 2 points and “never”, with a score of 0 points. The total score ranges from zero (no perceived disability) to 100 (maximum perceived disability). 

At Brainstorm our trained physical therapists provide various functional balance testing for various vestibular disorders. A Dizziness Handicap Inventory is made available on our website for free use by following the link http://brainstormrehab.com.au/special-tests/dhi-test/

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Testing for Dizziness