Head Injury image

Head Injury

There is a growing concern in Australia and internationally about the incidence of sport-related concussions and the potential health ramifications. A concussion is a brain injury, a complex physiological process that affects the brain, induced by external forces. Trauma may be c...

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Brain and Stress
 - Podcast 3  image

Brain and Stress - Podcast 3 

Hi, I am Darren Gray, Chiropractor and neurological rehabilitation therapist from Brainstorm Rehab. I switch brains on. What is STRESS? How does stress affect the brain? Over the next short while I will chat to you on Brainstorm Bites our podcast on brain health, these quest...

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Spinal Cord Injury image

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries occur most often in adolescents, young adults, and the elderly. Males are more at risk for spinal cord injuries than females. The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord. Nerve impulses that control body movement travel between the bra...

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Brain Injury image

Brain Injury

If you or someone you love has had a brain injury, you may feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty of the recovery process. The brain affects everything a person does. And because no two brain injuries are alike, it’s difficult to know what lasting effects the injury may have—ho...

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Concussion Head Injury image

Concussion Head Injury

A concussion is a brain injury that occurs when there is an impact to the head or body that causes forceful linear and rotational movement of the brain inside the skull. A concussion can happen from being struck on the head or body. For example, sports injuries and car accidents...

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Dementia Warning Signs image

Dementia Warning Signs

Ten warning signs of Dementia.  If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the signs, assistance can be provided with functional clinical neurological rehabilitation. Early diagnosis gives you a chance to seek treatment and plan for the future. Memory loss th...

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Ball games for the brain image

Ball games for the brain

People don’t consider the development of manual dexterity like hand-eye coordination in babies to be an essential element of cognitive development. In fact, the scientific terminology itself – “motor skills” for the movement and “cognitive skills” for mental processi...

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Parkinsons Disease image

Parkinsons Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder that affects movements, emotions, and other body functions. It is a degenerative condition that begins with minor tremors and shaking, and progresses into more serious symptoms over time.  The brain requires a substance called dopa...

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Tips for Dementia image

Tips for Dementia

20 things NOT to say or do to a person with dementia Don’t say, ‘but you don’t look or sound like you have dementia’  Don’t tell us we are wrong  Don’t argue with us or correct trivial things  Don’t say ‘remember when…’  Don’t ...

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The world is spinning… image

The world is spinning…

Dizziness is a symptom that is real to you but is not observable by your doctor. In order to diagnose a vestibular system disorder, your doctor must rely on signs they can observe. This may include abnormal eye or body movements. In the early stages of many vestibular disorders ...

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Therapy for Brain Injury image

Therapy for Brain Injury

Neurological rehabilitation is a form of therapy for brain injury. Brain injury or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a frightfully common disorder that will effect you some way or another.  Many problems can occur after brain injury most of which are amenable to intervention...

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