Many people are familiar with negative neuroplasticity which causes increasing brain fog and memory loss, declining mental clarity and dementia. But did you know that helpful neuroplasticity can be achieved by boosting your brain function? This can lead to an improved cognitive function, stronger memory, elevated mood and optimised healing. 

Your brain and nervous system control all the functions of your body. When your brain and nervous system function well, your body functions well. Neuroplasticity can be defined as any lasting change to the nervous system. In fact, neuroplasticity is the process of constant re-wiring and changing of the brain. 

Unfortunately, as we age, we experience the effects of negative neuroplasticity. We tend to see our brain function begin to decline. This comes about due to many – often small and repetitive – physical, chemical or emotional stresses and, in turn, these negatively affect other functions throughout your body. You begin to experience memory loss, hearing loss, vision loss, increasing blood pressure and declining immune function. 

Breaking the Cycle with Neuro-rehabilitation 

The ultimate aim of neuro-rehabilitation care is the optimisation of brain and nerve health. The overall purpose is to support existing neural pathways and encourage others with appropriate therapy. This has been demonstrated with the advancing of positive neuroplasticity. 

Scientific and medical research continues to confirm: 

  • Your brain and nervous system control all functions, health and healing in your body. 
  • A stressed brain and nervous system lead to depressed mood, declining brain function and poor health. 
  • Appropriate stimulation (physical therapy or nutritional therapy) has demonstrated neuroplastic changes, optimal healing, better brain function and positive neuroplasticity can be worthwhile goals to achieve. 

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