Feeling Spinning - maybe Vertigo

The most common cause of dizziness is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Vertigo means spinning of head. Often an episode may last for a few moments and can be recurrent. The severity of this condition can vary. The vertigo can sometimes be self limiting and other times affect the activities of life to a significant extent. Associated with vertigo are nystagmus (eye movements), nausea, vomiting and hearing disturbances. 

There are different theories about the cause of Vertigo from BPPV. Located within the inner ear chamber are Calcium Carbonate crystals which are also called Otolith. These small Otoliths can separate and displace freely into the ear canals (semicircular canals). There are different causes of this displacement it may be a head trauma, aging or labrynthitis. According to Canalolithiasis theory the displaced crystals are seen floating in the cavity of semicircular canals. While according to Cupulolithiasis theory the Otolith are seen attached to the Crista Ampullaris of semicircular canals. 

A correct diagnosis for Vertigo is made through a complete history, physical examination and performing special canal tests. There can be many other causes of Vertigo, so an accurate screening is required. More information related to Vertigo watch this video on vertigo http://brainstormrehab.com.au/?p=1822?p=1822 

There is no active treatment of this condition and it is more often self-limiting. Treatment is often successful with an Eply maneuver also called Canalith Repositioning maneuver. The aim of this maneuver is to assist the orientation and return of the otolith back. By changing the position of the patient in a particular sequence the vestibular function can be restored. 

Our sense of orientation and balance is innately central to correct brain function. Vertigo challenges this function. Correct assessment and treatment of Vertigo is accentual. Brainstorm is equipped with trained therapists and technicians to assist people with Vertigo.

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Feeling Spinning - maybe Vertigo