Fall Injury Prevention

Fall injury prevention is fast becoming a very real issue with health care. Fall injuries are an ominous yet very real part of life for people over 65 and many falls can be prevented once the causes are determined. Functional Neurologists have an important role in the assessment and delivery of interventions targeting the balance, strength and mobility of older people. 

Brainstorm, a clinical rehabilitation centre catering for Functional Neurology, recognises this issue and assists with a thorough and detailed ‘Falls injury prevention risk assessment’ to identify weaknesses. The Falls injury prevention assessments are conducted by Brainstorm practitioners who have a particular interest in the field of balance disorders. 

The highly qualified neurological rehab therapists at our Port Macquarie rehabilitation centre are trained in clinical assessment and treatment for falls risk and can offer assistance into falls prevention. A referral is welcome but not necessary. 

Dr Darren Gray, a qualified Chiropractor trained in the field of clinical neuroscience and Director of Brainstorm, says “Many of my patients have tried other forms of treatment with no success before consulting our functional neurology clinic. Once the true neurological cause of their problem is found and treated they get the results they want. Often at times, falls injury prevention can be identified as just a few minor problems.” 

All practitioners at Brainstorm have attained extensive post graduate training within the field of clinical neuroscience.

For more information please contact Brainstorm by phoning 1300 667 443, request an appointment or email us using one of the buttons at the top or bottom of the page, or visit our Clinical Rehabilitation Centre at 19 Ocean Drive in Port Macquarie.

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Fall Injury Prevention