Concussion Head Injury

A concussion is a brain injury that occurs when there is an impact to the head or body that causes forceful linear and rotational movement of the brain inside the skull. A concussion can happen from being struck on the head or body. For example, sports injuries and car accidents are common causes of concussions. 

A combination of linear and rotational forces from impact results in a concussion. Direct forces create a forward and backwards movement of the brain within the skull. Rotational forces cause twisting and side-to-side movement of the brain inside the skull. These sudden and forceful movements may cause stretching or injury to the sensitive tissues of the brain.

A concussion may cause many symptoms such as a headache, confusion, dizziness, fogginess, blurred vision, memory loss, nausea and vomiting, mood swings, and loss of consciousness.

Recovering from a concussion requires medical attention and follow-up. Because the brain tissue is healing, additional injury to the head while still concussed, especially in a younger individual, can lead to significant long-term impairments. More information contact us.

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Concussion Head Injury