Common Learning Disorders

School life in today’s world has become quite hectic and tedious for kids. Successful career prospects require children to be well-learned and intelligent right from the beginning. Hard work is not only appreciated but also mandatory, or the child will be deemed a lagger, somebody who can’t survive in cutthroat competition. But despite all the efforts, some kids face more difficulty in learning new things and retaining them due to their learning disabilities. A learning disability is defined as a disorder that hinders the capability of a child to register, process and preserve newly acquired information. Learning disabilities are of various types; let’s discuss the most common ones.

1. Dyslexia 

Dyslexia is possibly the most commonly known learning disability. A patient suffering from this learning disorder faces difficulty in reading the writing and comprehending a text. The manifestation of dyslexia varies by a great deal. Some patients are not able to understand the breaking down of words according to their sounds (phonetic awareness) while some patients are not able to segregate similar sounding words (phonological processing). And then there are issues about speech fluency, spelling mistakes, word forming, incorrect letter formation (inverted t or writing q instead of p), comprehension incapability, and more.

2. ADHD 

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder has been a topic of continuous debate for a very long time now. Technically it is not a learning disorder, but it impedes learning as a person suffering ADHD cannot focus on one thing for a long time. ADHD patients get distracted very easily. Fortunately, ADHD can be treated with medicines and behavioural therapies.

3. Dyscalculia 

This is a disorder that mainly affects a person’s capability to comprehend mathematics. While mild cases can hamper a student’s ability to carry out complex calculations (calculus and trigonometry etc.), severe cases can render a student unable to add 2 and 2.

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Common Learning Disorders