Childhood Development Primitive Reflexes

In the womb and the first months of life the central nervous system is not fully developed. During this time, we are protected and assisted by involuntary reflexes or Primitive Reflexes (PRs). It is understood that these primitive reflexes are needed for survival and development in the initial months of life. As the brain begins to mature, these PRs are incorporated into higher centre control. 

The PR should be fully present at birth and are increasingly incorporated during the first 6 to 12 months of life. Sometimes these reflexes are retained or not properly integrated. If this occurs they can disturb some or all of the functions of the higher centres, which includes behaviour, learning, gross or fine motor movements, structural problems, hormonal imbalances and more. 

From research and experience, it appears that a trauma of some kind somewhere between conception and the early months of life causes the PR to not be retained. The injury can be physical, chemical, hormonal, or other forms not yet researched. The big factor appears to be the birth trauma, including caesarean section and any form of induced delivery. 

At Brainstorm Rehabilitation, our practitioners are highly experienced with the structural correction related to retaining PR. The corrections are very gentle, and allow the body to integrate the reflexes that have been inappropriately retained. The corrections have been found to assist people of all ages, from babies and children to adults. After integration, clients may notice improvements in behaviour, learning, coordination, mood and anxiety levels, hormonal balance and chronic structural conditions, just to name a few.

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