Balance Vestibular migraine

Often a progression of other balance conditions, like vestibular migraine. In fact the development of secondary conditions related cause prolongation of symptoms once the initial inner ear disorder has resolved. The progression maybe related to brain damage from the primary injury or related damage from anxiety or compensatory changes. 

A recently described condition, Chronic Subjective Dizziness Syndrome, is now felt to be associated with migraine. To the lay public, migraine means “migraine headache.” However, migraine symptoms can include vertigo, temporary blindness, other ocular symptoms, and even stroke- like symptoms. 

These migraine symptoms occur usually in patients who have known migraine headaches but may not be accompanied by the typical headache at the time of these other symptoms. A family history of migraine makes a patient more prone to have a migraine disorder, even without any history of migraine headaches.

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Balance Vestibular migraine--