Balance Therapy

Our balance is very important. Information about balance is processed in the brain and interplay with other sensory inputs. Disturbance of the balance system is very evident with some learning disorders, like Sensory Processing Disorder.

What is Sensory Processing Disorder? 

Sensory processing disorder is a developmental condition. The child demonstrates the inability or difficulty to appropriately organise multi-sensory inputs. As such, sensory input, for example touch, could be exaggerated or diminished. Consequently the immaturity of the sensory processing system often lead to disturbance of motor control. 

What is Balance Therapy? 

The vestibular system supports the spatial orientation of the sensory world. Many authors suggest that this primitive system is integral to early childhood development. Balance Therapy are various specific activities which permit activation of the vestibular system. 

Some age-appropriate activities for Balance Therapy that could be suggested include: 

  • bounce mattresses and mats 
  • fighting and punching bags or toys 
  • scooter and balance bikes
  • balancing therapy balls 
  • indoor trampolines 

An appropriate assessment and examination at Brainstorm will assist you in your child heading towards the right treatment strategies for Sensory Processing Disorder. 

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