Asperger’s Syndrome – a form of Child Development Disorder.

There is no single test to evaluate childhood Asperger’s Syndrome. Often demonstrated as a form of child development disorder. As a child development disorder, a child with Asperger’s Syndrome may develop different to their peers. A parent may report this subjective disparity socially. Likewise the child’s school teacher may also note development behavioural problems. Typically, the child development disorders may demonstrate difficulty with social interaction, develops strict and structured thinking and engages in rigid repetitive behaviour. 

Feature of a child development disorder include; 

  • Postural weakness 
  • Inappropriate sensory processing 
  • Disturbed self-image 
  • Poor muscle tone 
  • Limited aerobic fitness 

At Brainstorm Rehabilitation the practitioners have specific skills and techniques support the developing nervous system. An appropriate detailed evaluation neurological rehabilitation is important to determine direction of therapy for many forms of child development disorders.

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Asperger’s Syndrome – a form of Child Development Disorder.