An interdisciplinary team approach at Brainstorm 

Interdisciplinary team

Successful application of an interdisciplinary team approach to impairments with rehabilitation is dependent on a clear goal. The interdisciplinary goals for the patient with impairments during the early phase may involve: improve mobility and limit impairment. This period may also assist the patient, caregiver and other treatment team strategies to support the patient. 
Once the patient becomes stable, they may transition to a functional recovery stage with strategies to improve their integrity and their health are of prime importance. An example is, a stroke survivor will need to re-learn walking patterns and postural control as part of their interdisciplinary management during this phase. 

The success of this team depends upon the team members involved and their roles in their patient care. 

Some members of the clinical rehabilitation process may include:

  • general practitioner 
  • neurologist 
  • rehabilitation nurse 
  • functional clinical neurological therapist 
  • neuro optometrist 
  • speech therapist 
  • behavioural therapist community 
  • re-integrator specialist 
Brainstorm have skills and the knowledge to enhance the co-management of clinical neurological conditions. 

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An interdisciplinary team approach at Brainstorm